Friday, November 4, 2011

Urban Decay Haul

Hello Lovelies!!

So guess what came in the mail today! My Urban Decay package! I was so happy to see that it was on the road to delivery today when I checked the tracking at work. I could NOT wait to get home to see if my package was there.
When I got home from work I ran to the front door and unfortunately my package was not there yet. I started to get REALLY worried that I had missed the mail man and they brought it back to the post office. After about an hour of waiting, the mail man sneaked (literally sneaked, I have no idea how the dogs didn't bark at him) and dropped my package off. I ran downstairs to open it. Here are the contents of my lovely package!

I ordered the 15th Anniversary Palette and it is absolutely beautiful. I adore every color in the palette, even though I already feel like I have a lot of neutrals in my other palettes. The bright colors are so pretty and bold and I definitely lack those types of colors! I have three other palettes (Naked, Feminine, and Vegan) and this is a great addition to my collection. I purchased it on the Urban Decay website during their Friends & Family sale (which is still going on, hurry up and grab your stash now! You will not be disappointed if you purchase this palette.

Along with the palette I ordered those cream eyeshadows that have been on sale for a while now. I bought 9/10 of the ones they have available on the site right now. I was skeptical at first because I couldn't find any detailed reviews or swatches of the colors but I figured for $3 a pop (even cheaper with the 20% off at UD) I figured WHY NOT, any Urban Decay product is going to be worth the money. I have decided that since I couldn't find any detailed reviews I am going to do one for you guys in the next few days! So far I have only used one of them (Moonshine) and it acted as nice base/primer.

So my order came with a free sample and this months (do they change every month? last month i saw it was a lipstick and the month before it was eyeshadow) free sample is a lip gloss. I haven't tried yet but I will be sure to let you guys know how it is.  So that is all for my haul! I know it's not too much but for what I purchased and how much it cost I was just so excited and I had to share. So, let me know what you guys think of the items I purchased if you happen to have them as well! Toodles!!


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