Friday, November 11, 2011

Urban Decay Feminine Palette

Urban Decay Feminine Palette - ($34.00) A delicate palette consisting of beautiful feminine colors. I absolutely had to try this palette when I saw it for the first time. The colors are are so very lovely. If you are a girly girl, this is a must have addition to your collection. The palette comes with 6 gorgeous colors in which all can make a look for any time of the day.  Also included is one of their 24/7 Eyeliners in Zero and a Primer Potion in Eden.
    AQUARIUS - This is a beautiful pigmented soft teal color. When applied to the eye it comes out a bit lighter than what the pictures show. It is buildable and can be used to create a daytime or nighttime look. Eyeshadow is very soft and has very little to no fallout when applied correctly.

    STRAY DOG - A light taupey brown. It can be used in the crease of your eye to make a light smoky eye or as an all over lid color to give yourself a darker daytime look. I find this color extremely easy to work with.

    SWF - A light pastel frosty pink. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. This color is a must have if you use eyeshadow. It is so gorgeous and gives you that delicate girly look that every girl looks for once in a while. The shimmer is beautiful and not over the top. So pretty!

    DARK HORSE - A dark brown. This color is included in the Naked Palette from Urban Decay and is one of my favorites. I like to use this to create a beautiful smoky eye along with SWF and STRAY DOG.  Very easy to apply.

    ECSTASY - A shimmery purple. What a pretty color! I have yet to be able to use it much but the looks I have done with it have come out very beautiful. A little goes a long way with this color.

    MIDNIGHT COWBOY - A glittery light champagne bronze. Nice color, lots of fallout. I find myself rubbing glitter off my face because it has all fallen out of my eyeshadow. I adore the color but the glitter is harsh. If you don't like looking like Kesha, it'd be a good idea to tap off the glitter or frequently remove it from your cheeks.

        APPLICATION: 5/5
        PIGMENTATION: 5/5
        LONGEVITY: 5/5
        VALUE: 5/5

        OVERALL: 5/5

Where to buy: Urban Decay, (online only)

 PICTURES (will be replaced when I have my good camera)

 (without flash)

(with flash)



OMG that palette is so pretty. Like the name it's really feminine; love the colors.
Sabrina xoxo
I loooooove it! I want to buy a backup just incase it is discontinued lol

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