Saturday, November 5, 2011

Urban Decay Cream Eyeshadow Review

Urban Decay Cream Eyeshadow each come in a small tube. They also come with is known to be a "doe foot" applicator. There are 12 different shades and each tube comes with 6.7ml / .20 US fl oz of product. The tube indicates that the eyeshadow is long-lasting hi-tech eyecolor. 
I have 9/12 of the shades that are available which I bought on the Urban Decay website. Though these were originally $17.00 a piece, they are now only $3.00 on the Urban Decay site. Along with only being $3.00, I bought them during the Friends & Family sale which gives you a 20% discount on everything, therefore I purchased them for a wonderful price of only $2.40 a piece! Crazy, right?! Now let's get to the colors.

(Click on the pictures to enlarge)
Asphault is a black cream shadow with a lot of glitter. I find the formula to not be as creamy as some of the others but the final product is really nice.

Mushroom is a grayish/taupe color with an iridescent glitter. There is no glitter fallout in the product and you will not be left with a coat of glitter if you rub the product in. It is truly a beautiful color.
Rehab is a taupe with a gold tint. Like the other colors, this product has a very shimmery finish. With a layer of Midnight Cowboy (which I have a ton of, LOL) I can imagine this would be amazing alone!
Midnight Rodeo is a very light tannish pink with a lot of shimmer and silver reflections. I absolutely LOVE this color! It is so girly and awesome as a base for an everyday look.
Sphynx is a cotton candy pink with a lot of silver undertones and flecks of glitter.  It is a beautiful girly color and would look great with a bold look using Woodstock or Junkshow!
Delinquent is a beautiful metallic purple. The formula is very pigmented and creamy and goes on like a dream. It is the most opaque finish in my opinion and is extremely bold. I normally wouldn't wear a color this dark but this would look great in a purple smokey eye.
Radium is a tropical ocean blue with metallic finish. Like most of the other cream shadows, it has a very pigmented and creamy formula. 
Weeds is a goldish green color. I was automatically drawn to the color when I saw it online. There is something so unique about it that I absolutely had to get it. It is a lovely shade and would look great with golds!
Moonshine is a pale silver with lots of silver specks. It appears almost white and is great as a base for any look you are going for that you want that special POP. I used it as a base when doing a look with Tainted and Junkshow and it made it absolutely beautiful. If you want to save some primer, I highly suggest purchasing this and using it as one. 

After I am able to use my cream shadows a little more, I will come back and do a more in depth perception of each shadow. Since I have yet to use them all for my everyday look I do not want to go and rate them as if I know everything about them. My first impression has been wonderful. I know that some people do not like these but for the most part they seem to be great. If my opinion changes you will see an updated post about it eventually. Thanks for reading! I really appreciate your views.
P.S. For those of you who are wondering, I am wearing Milani 3D Holographic Nail Lacquer in Digital.


I love these! I bought them all because they were on sale, and I really do use them all the time.
Though I don't think I'd pay $17 for them. I like them and all, but for $17, I don't think they give you nearly enough product.
However, I'm more than happy to have paid $3 for them haha, I think that's an amazing price.

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