Friday, November 9, 2012

Sigma Beauty Haul - Essential Kit and Flat Top Kabuki

Hello ladies! I finally made my first Sigma purchase. I have been dying to try out these brushes since every beauty guru under the sun has them. I figured it would help me follow tutorials better and actually make some Youtube tutorials myself (and have these brushes to refer to so viewers know which brushes I am using for each step.) I am beyond excited about my purchase!  I hope you like the pictures!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

elf Flawless Finish Foundation Review and Pictures!

 elf Flawless Finish Foundation in Sand ($6.00) - A light to medium dewy finish foundation. I bought this months ago during one of their Studio line sales and only paid $3.00. That being said, I truly believe this is a really good foundation if you are going to spend $3.00 but maybe try for something else if you are spending the full $6.00 (I know $3 isn't a HUGE difference but there are a lot of drugstore foundations in the same price range). The finish on this foundation is nice but it is a bit oily when applied. One other hing that I should mention about this foundation is it also has a strange scent? Not sure how to explain it but it's a lot stronger than a lot of the foundations that I have.  The bottle has a film over the glass that makes it have a smooth finish that I really like. The pump is actually really nice as well! Overall it is a GOOD purchase for your money but not something I would choose over a few other drugstore foundations!

 The picture above and below is one pump - It is a good amount and should cover a good portion of your skin.

Where to Buy; Select Target stores, ($6.00)