Thursday, April 12, 2012

April MyGlam Bag!

Hello everyone! Guess what I got today?! Yep, I got my April MyGlam bag. This months bag is all about a "girls night out". Overall, this was an awesome bag that had a variety of items and luckily there was more make-up items than skin and hair care (not really my favorite). If you want to learn more about what was featured in this bag, take a look at the pictures and video I made dedicated to this month's glam bag!

(Click to enlarge)

What do you think of this month's glam bag? Did you get one? Do you wish you got one? Wish you saved your $10? Let me know!


I was actually pretty happy with this month's bag. I wasn't a fan of March's so I was considering unsubscribing, but I think I'll stick around. I wish I would have gotten the black eyeliner though! I got blue and don't see myself wearing it often. And I loooove the lip balm!

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