Thursday, October 4, 2012

Little Black Bag October 2012

Little Black Bag is a subscription site that allows you to choose one item for $49.95 a month and then will give you up to 3 more items to up the value of your order to $100 or more! Not only can you pick your item and get 2/3 more items added to your bag, but you can then trade with other users for their items! It's definitely a unique experience! I have seen some start off with 3 items and end up with 10. It all depends on how much time and effort you want to put into your bag (or also, just pure luck!)

I have received three bags so far since the end of August. I will be posting those bags later on but decided I would start with my newest bag that I just received in the mail! I am so excited to show you what I picked out!

 Every package that I have received so far is so nicely packed! Everything comes new with tags attached. Most items come with dust bags as well!

 In this bag I received a bonus item from benefit which was a deluxe sample of Sun Beam. They also threw in a cute comic book and a small sample of Porefessional. Sweet!

Deux Lux Heart Sparkle Baby Pouch - $22 value
The first item I opened up was this Deux Lux heart wristlet. This is the second one I have received and I absolutely LOVE the color. It's so sparkly!

Nila Anthony Top Handle Messenger Bag - $65 value
 I started offer with two pieces of jewelry and I traded them all around until I ended up with this bag! I really wanted a cute crossbody and loved the color of this item. It is so well structured and will hold a good amount of things without being too big!

 Cute houndstooth interior. 

 Nila Anthony Snake Embossed Satchel - $72 value
This was the first item I picked and stuck without it throughout the week of trading. I just love the shape and size! This is the second one I have received. In the next LBB post you will see that I picked out another color too ;-).

 Pretty interior!

Little Black Bag is truly a unique experience and SO SO SO addicting. My end bag was a $159 value but I only paid $49.95 - If you want to check LBB out follow this link! You won't be disappointed. There are so many different items to choose from and they aren't all bags. I just have a thing for them!


Beautiful Bags. I signed up for little black bag but Im on a hopefully shipping to Canada soon Waiting list:(
Sara xx
LBB is so addicting! Looks like you did great!

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