Monday, August 20, 2012

I'm Back!

Hey Everyone!

It's been SO long and I feel awful and sad that I haven't been here on my blog for such a long time. Lots has gone on including getting a new puppy and moving. I had packed up all of my makeup, cameras, and put away money for the move which lead me to being gone for such a long time. Good news is that I am settled in to my new place and have set up my room and vanity and am good to go! I am so excited to continue working on my blog now and I am really considering making a Youtube Channel because my new room has the best lighting, ever! I always attempted making a channel but the lighting at my old place was terrible (it was a basement apartment) and ugh, just wasn't fun.

Anyways, I have some posts lined up for you guys as well as some missing glam bag videos. I hope that you all will stick around and continue to follow me and my blog. Thanks so much for your support and I again am SO happy to be back!

xo Jessica


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